PDT-16-Negativity Spirals, Running and Memory Lane

This Monday show, I give you a bit of a preview for our next guests, talk about getting out of your own negativity and getting back into the groove of things. I feel like at times, we just surround ourselves with poison, by reacting badly to every little thing that happens to us. Sometimes I get upset over things that aren’t even directed at me. I’ve found even though I’m pretty out of shape, even a miniscule bit of exercise has been doing me wonders. Running is still pretty boring though. I also stumbled across an old album of mine, and share the song ‘Black Russian Rhino.’ It’s very strange to go back and listen to music you made nearly a decade ago and be like “who was I then?!” Anyway. Do it up!

Listen here: http://peopledoingthings.podbean.com/e/pdt-16-negativity-spirals-running-and-memory-lane/

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