PDT 18- Movie Reviews, Running and Laura Reviews 50 Shades

This Monday Show, I talk about The Interview, Chef, and The Trip: To Italy. The Interview can most concisely be summed up as Seth Rogen and James Franco just getting high for the entire making of the movie. The trouble? It’s not funny. Like not even a little bit. I wonder if Kim Jong Un’s displeasure was just from the fact that he would have liked it to actually garner some laughs. Chef, a movie about a guy who goes back to his roots, is a pretty formulaic comedy but actually understands and pays homage to its subject: food. I quite liked it. And on the theme, I watch Coogan and Brydon’s The Trip: to Italy, which started promisingly enough but I never did finish it because I got bored. I also ponder on getting back into physical shape and then Laura drops some serious thinking points on the first 100 pages of Fifty Shades of Grey.

Listen here: http://peopledoingthings.podbean.com/e/pdt-18-movies-running-laura-reviews-50-shades/

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