PDT-32-Matt Whiteman

Today on the show I’ve got my buddy Matt Whiteman. Matt and I forged a friendship in the lunchroom over ridiculous banter but I was always curious about what motivated the guy. We chat about his beginnings of being a starry eyed volunteer wanting to go out and save people to some pretty hard lessons on international development and the effect on communities. His recent research focuses on “host fatigue” where people in developing communities simply just get tired of white people constantly coming to help. It’s a good one and we wrap up on a nice anecdote about Robin Williams. Then I get a little choked up. Apparently when I can’t get it out of my guests I need to be the one to crack wide open. It’s a good one so settle down with some coffee and learn!

Listen here: http://peopledoingthings.podbean.com/e/pdt-32-matt-whiteman/

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