PDT-33-SHaking Off the Rust

This week I’m thinking about (and talking) feeling pretty rusty. It’s been a theme of the show a bit but this week it stems from some pretty terrible guitar noodling over the weekend. I think the thing about it is is I’m back to where I was when I more or less stopped playing guitar (which is good) but that point wasn’t very advanced. Anyway, I still love playing and am thinking about ways to spark some inspiration in myself. Like dropping some coin on a Gibson. Jesus.

We’ve got loads of updates from past guests EHM Sky Patrol, ceMelusine and Missy D too. Thursday will be part 1 of my chat with Amiththan, a hiker and brilliant mind!

Listen here: http://peopledoingthings.podbean.com/e/pdt-33-shaking-off-the-rust/

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