Show updates and News


Hey folks,

As you can see, I’ve finally invested some time in updating this website to hopefully get People Doing Things onto the next phase. I’ll be away until May 27th so the shows may be a little spotty. But there will definitely be new content.

Speaking of new content, I’ll be posting the pilot episode of a short series I wrote called ‘Clutter,’ later today. You can find it in the top menu. For now, I’m going to keep it here. YouTube is a great platform but it’s also annoying and not really the best place for art. I’d love to hear your feedback though, so feel free to leave a comment on the page.

‘Clutter’ is a pretty simple concept and really just an experiment in storytelling more so than anything else. I won’t say too much about it until after all of the episodes have “aired,” around early July. Every Wednesday starting in June (if all goes according to plan), I’ll be posting a new show. And there will still be the regularly scheduled podcasts too. BUSY SUMMER, FOLKS. Let’s do all the art.


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