Almost there and definitely back again

13260159_10157002902580327_8709988074201396103_nEvery once in a while you want to do something nice for yourself. I’m not great at vacationing but it’s been a weird year and I’ve been itching to get away to somewhere remote and quiet to let my brain resettle; re-wire if possible. So I tried to go to Costa Rica. I knew next to nothing about the country and did some pretty ramshackle research. Real Columbo stuff like googling: “where can I see turtles” and “beaches in Costa Rica without the annoying youths.”

After a few weeks of back and forth, everything was booked and I was ready to go disconnect, and if possible, hangout with sloths and monkeys. So we left Vancouver and an entirely reasonable hour, boarded our first flight to Houston and burned through a three hour layover there. Layovers I swear steal little bits of your soul and I often forget where I’m even going. We did our best to see if there was anything of note in George Bush International Airport (there’s not) and then slowly made our way to the gate.

After another half hour or so, a woman came on the loudspeaker and announced that this was happening in San Jose, Costa Rica and that our flight was cancelled. I mean, volcanoes are just part of life I guess. Then they said people could re-book their flights at a counter which was conveniently located on the exact opposite side of the airport. So we ran with all of our junk and managed to make it to be about 15th out of 150 or so in line and started looking for a hotel for the night in Houston. As we were waiting there, it occurred to me, wait a second-what exactly are we re-booking here? I don’t know much about volcanoes but I had a feeling they don’t just clear up overnight. So I started thinking- ok, Austin is 150 miles west, New Orleans is 325 miles east… so we decided to do a quick little pivot of our quiet rain forest getaway.

Listen to the rest here:

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