When the world is too big for your heart


Hey folks. It’s been a hell of a week out there in the world and if you’ve been following the saga of open-heartedness that the show and many of our guests seem to be trying to work through, you might have some clue of how the human heart can feel after a week of senseless murders. A lot of us had only truly begun to let in the immense pain of the homophobic attack in Orlando and then we heard about more threatening behaviour, all over the world, towards LGBTQ people. And then yesterday learning about the assassination of Jo Cox, a Labour MP in the UK who was campaigning for Britain to stay in the European Union. Some wingnut, fascist asshole (that’s my term) shot and stabbed her, all because of his small minded, hate driven agenda of wanting Britain to “stay British.” It’s as if the worldview of these self-aggrandized violent lunatics is so tenuous, confused and unfocused that it actually doesn’t make any sense.

Violent men perpetrating acts of violence against women, people of colour, and the queer community. So no, this week is not unprecedented. And maybe next week I’ll have more to say, more to offer, some words or actions or some THING that can maybe be a small crack into how we move through this mess. But right now I’m too tired, I’m too sad, and my heart is too heavy to the amazing lights that we lost this week.

So on the show today we’re talking to Moriah Wax, an opera singer and person filled with light. She’s funny, smart and she has a great story about Marlon Brando. You should listen: http://peopledoingthings.podbean.com/e/130-moriah-wax-opera-singer/


To better days with lighter hearts, friends.

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