Five Bad Ass Vancouver Theatre Ladies

Today’s show is my talk with director Tanya Mathivanan. She’s a diehard theatre professional who isn’t afraid to take on intense projects. I thought this would be a good time to highlight some of the talks I’ve had with four other theatre ladies as well, and open you up to the bad ass women who are making Vancouver’s (and beyond) theatre scene tick

2e948b6136-Tanya Mathivanan-Director July 8, 2016. Today on the show I’m joined by theatre director Tanya Mathivanan. We talk about growing up in Singapore, working with tenacity and curiosity, Mark Rothko, and a whole lot more. Her show RED, is playing now at Little Mountain Gallery in Vancouver:



99ih2vBS134-Jordan Hall-Playwright July 1, 2016. Jordan Hall is one of Canada’s up and coming playwrights, having won critical acclaim with Kayak in 2010. Jordan and I get into the specifics of her most recent work How to Survive an Apocalypse and her upcoming piece Rate of Loss, as well as explore why anyone would choose to be an artist in Vancouver.



13330937_1615978252054869_2610753339145951020_n110-Writer’s Block with Chloe Packer March 25, 2016. Today on the show, Chloe Packer (episode 88) joins me to talk about her upcoming play ‘Fists’ and why it’s causing her so much grief. We bounce around a bit and talk about scripts, LA, plays and boxing. Do it!

88-Chloe Packer-Writer December 3, 2015. After a brief hiatus we’re back with a new show: talking to writer Chloe Packer! She’s an artist and human of many talents but we talk about what moves her to write and whether or not she’s willing to stick around being a writer “trying to make it” forever.


12243423_1650851868486653_7933092998317959988_nPDT-43-Laura Fukumoto-Costume Designer, Producer May 13, 2015. We’re all just trying to make art and make our way in the world and Laura Fukumoto is doing just that. A theatre professional with a mission to shift how people view theatre in Vancouver and make art that moves people, Laura’s made a habit of being busy and questioning why we make art in the first place. She also lives with me so there’s that dynamic. Today’s episode is brought to you by chicken stock.


11251724_10155883587330171_1437224053149381903_nPDT-25-Jess Marlow March 5, 2015. Actor, Director, …clown?! Jess Marlow. Unlike some of our guests, Jess grew up around art and creativity so her mission has been finding out just what art form suits her best. Somewhat a crossroads, we talk theatre, remounting plays, getting unstuck, as well as what a three day clowning “intensive” entails.



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