Dispatches from the Lady Cave

Alright folks,

August is over and so too is our little pseudo-hiatus. It was pretty hard to track down guests this summer but we’ll be back to regularly scheduled twice-weekly shows next week. If you or someone you know is interested in being on the show, put them in touch with me. I’m always looking to book more guests as we go through a lot!

Some thoughts and reflections from the summer:

Doing the podcast is fun. It’s not always easy to get the content up twice a week, or sometimes even once a week but talking to (at) you has become as much a part of my routine and mental health regimen that it feels deeply odd and disconnected if I don’t do a show. It’s probably a sign I need a cat.

“Being healthy” is a relative term and isn’t an end state, it’s a process. I’m slowly learning to a.) not punish myself for falling off of the healthy routine and b.) actually get back on the routine.

Time off is sometimes what you need even if it feels like it’s just going to kill your momentum. It’s a hard thing to ask for, let alone to do but if it’s a luxury afforded to you, it behooves you to take it.



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