Space to think

We talk a lot about finding space to think and feel here on the show, or at least I do, and I feel like I’m beginning to find it a little more. I’ve found this year to be a difficult one in terms of being able to process things or think clearly but I’ve also found that I’m getting better at articulating to myself and others what it is I need. Shit, it was a hell of a journey just to even find two or three things I could guarantee would make me happy. I think for a very long time I have lived in a contradictory brain space of understanding that I don’t need much at all to be happy but also not knowing what those few things might be. So while we’re out here in icy Ontario I’m trying to move through just thinking and into doing. Because now I have the space, physically and mentally, to know things and then put them into practice. It’s goddamned difficult being a human being.

Here’s the things I have found that make me happy:

-Fresh, homemade coffee


-Reading, mostly non-fiction- understanding how things around me work

-Seeing wildlife


-Talking to people about what moves them

-Cooking fish. I am not great at it.

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