All is not lost…

It has been a pretty wild few weeks since President Turnip started to eviscerate American democracy. Pile on a white supremacist terror attack in Quebec and all but the most ignorant or cold-hearted would be left feeling pretty bottomed out. I for one, have basically subsisted on trying to furiously retweet whatever anti-fascist, pro-fact thing I can, as if each press of the ‘tweet’ button is somehow staving off the moral and democratic bankruptcy of Western civilization.

Then I broke my toe.

So it’s been a time. In thinking about communities and the importance of art, I have definitely seen the value and place for even seemingly trivial things such as podcasts in creating social change. But wanting to actually talk to someone this week and try to be hopeful was a different challenge entirely. And then I remembered my dear friend Jess Marlow, who was first on the show back in March of 2015. She’s a true original spirit and someone deeply embedded in and connected to herself and her community. I think there just may be something in here for you.

176-Jess Marlow-Youth Worker and Artist

February 2, 2017

It’s been quite some time since Jess Marlow was last on the show, and since then, she’s moved to the UK to work with LGBTQ2 youth. We talk about what kids need, why they can often think better than adults and then dive into how we can possibly make a difference in our own communities.


Here’s her first episode WAY back…

PDT-25-Jess Marlow March 5, 2015. Actor, Director, …clown?! Jess Marlow. Unlike some of our guests, Jess grew up around art and creativity so her mission has been finding out just what art form suits her best. Somewhat a crossroads, we talk theatre, remounting plays, getting unstuck, as well as what a three day clowning “intensive” entails.

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