Working on the Brain by Not Working on the Brain so Much

This week has been an unusual one but not unusual for the show: I’ve been trying to work through something. Something nagging and icky, like a lumpy, oil covered thing sitting on my brain and my heart. I’ve been trying and trying and trying to understand what exactly it is that’s been stuck in my craw but as you know, when you look harder and harder, sometimes the truth eludes you even more.

One thing I’ve been fixated on is not the idea of getting outside of my own head but actually putting it into practice. The irony isn’t lost on me that this whole time I’ve been trying to think through being less self-involved, which is a pretty self-involved thing to do. So in the spirit of that, the Monday Show is me trying to put some new things into practice and the Thursday show is me talking to my good friend Diana, who has a mental health and counseling background, about how we change and why it’s so goddamn hard but easier than we think.


179-Diana Helps Us Work Out the Heart Junk February 17, 2017. A longstanding theme of this show has been trying to solve life’s questions, mysteries, and troubles. But as my friend Diana suggests, maybe we’re trying to solve life, which isn’t possible. We talk about her background in psychology and counselling and how we can truly help ourselves.


178-Self Absorbed Mayhem February 13, 2017. Today on thew show I’m talking about slow realizations about being self absorbed, as well as some “reviews” for tv shows, comics, and novels. Plus there’s a little debut of my new track ‘Fascist Cabaret.’

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