Life and Art Updates

Holy… my god… what… is…. why.

Thank all of the collective gods January, February and no soon, March, are behind us. Is it just me or are they kind of the worst months? Like the slow trickle away from winter but not quite at the beginning of something new yet. It’s been a rough few months and quite frankly, a pretty weird week. I’ll take feeling weird or ill-at-ease any day over depression or anxiety but it unnerves me to not be able to define what exactly it is I feel.

I think I’m mostly a little annoyed at or with myself, as this week’s first episode suggests- probably stemming from my almost preternatural ability to get caught up in pettiness and negativity, often of my own invention. Do you ever get annoyed or upset with someone and then after a few hours or days passes you’re like: “Oh wait! I’M the problem. This is about me.” Yeah. Like all the time. It’s been that kind of start to the week.

Despite it, I’ve got a great episode in the can for you this week with comics artist Alex Reeder. Alex came by last week to talk shop but we talked about a lot more than just drawing. Big life chats are in store.

Anyway. Lots to think about and a time for caution and listening as the Spring tentatively approaches.

So I’m hunkering down. I’m gonna eat some soup. Ice my foot. Read the book. Listen to thing. Bend if I can. And wait.

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