Flashbacks and Flash Forwards


There seems to be a theme emerging on the show as of late, and I’m hoping it’s not just because my birthday is coming up. I’m finding nostalgia to be creeping in a little bit these days. We’ve had a number of guests lately who have been on the show before: Cory McRae, Ryan Caron, Francis Arevalo, and of course, this week: writer Chloe Packer.

I’ve never been one for looking back and dredging through the past but I’ve found myself doing it more lately. Maybe it’s the impending birthday thing. Maybe it’s losing a good friend this year. Maybe it’s having coffee with an old friend from undergrad. Maybe it’s more life transition stuff coming up. Whatever it is, it’s kind of new to me. Like a lot of people, I tend to be pretty future focused.

For me, the past the past has always been a thing to kind of just leave behind. Like all the junk in your house you don’t take with you when you go to work. It’s still there, you just don’t really use it on a day-to-day basis. You come home and it’s there waiting for you, but you don’t necessarily run around checking every dusty corner of your house for the past. It’s just there. So that’s been my life this year- looking into the dusty corners to see what’s lurking there. Sometimes the dusty corners aren’t quite as dark as I remember.

So this week we’re going back in time a little bit- at least in so far as to catch up with writer Chloe Packer. Last year she moved to LA and then a whole lot of life and art happened. She’s on the show Friday to tell us about it. You can listen to her last two episodes here:

110-Writer’s Block with Chloe Packer March 25, 2016. Today on the show, Chloe Packer (episode 88) joins me to talk about her upcoming play ‘Fists’ and why it’s causing her so much grief. We bounce around a bit and talk about scripts, LA, plays and boxing. Do it!

88-Chloe Packer-Writer December 3, 2015. After a brief hiatus we’re back with a new show: talking to writer Chloe Packer! She’s an artist and human of many talents but we talk about what moves her to write and whether or not she’s willing to stick around being a writer “trying to make it” forever.

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