Doing it on her own terms, with Sasha Singer-Wilson

This week on the show, I’m discussing independent theatre, writing and craft with Sasha Singer-Wilson. Sasha runs the artist driven performance company the blood projects, who make immersive and site-specific theatrical experiences in intimate spaces. Sasha and Julia Pileggi co-create the ongoing, pocket-sized writing project these five minutes. They both write a five minute piece per day inspired by the same prompt and post it, unedited, to their blog. As a community arts facilitator and teacher, Sasha has led workshops for young people with Shakespeare In Action, Pleiades Theatre, The Toronto Public Library, The Toronto District School Board, The Vancouver School Board, New Shoots and the Arts Club.

It’s always interesting to me to get to talk to artists about their processes and routines and it should come as no surprise that Sasha deeply emersed in that practice. We also start this talk with a pretty incredible story about a series of tapes she discovered of her grandfather’s deathbed story-telling, which she is now turning into a play. Episode below!

202-Sasha Singer-Wilson-Theatre Artist

May 11, 2017

Sasha has accomplished a lot as an independent theatre artist and has experience with early success in Toronto but as you’ll soon find out, has a lot of other things to about: like a set of tapes from her grandfather, going through acting school, as well as trying to figure out audience interaction. You can stay up to date with Sasha’s work at


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