Getting Back Into the Swing of Things

Well folks,
Despite my best efforts, it seems I just can’t quit you. After three months of grad school, working, going to counseling, and the usual existential spiral, I decided that by not doing the show, I’d removed one of the better (and social!) parts of my life. Yeah, it’s difficult to find time to do everything but if I look at the things in my life that I enjoy, the podcast has been a consistent source of inspiration, even if booking guests can sometimes be a drag. So I’d been talking through most of December about doing some sort of new show and last Friday I just decided to switch on the mics to see what would happen. I can’t promise any regularity or format to the show but for the foreseeable future, I’m back on the air! Here’s the first two shows:

218-Person Re-Doing Things

January 5, 2018

Well hello there… it’s been a while…

219-The Monday Show: Are Things Changing?

January 8, 2018

A lot has gone on the few months that People Doing Things has been off the air but the most promising thing, is that the rich and powerful misogynists are beginning to fall like dominos.

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