The Havana Show

So I’ve been away for a week on a top secret mission to Havana to do some soul searching, a little pre-research, and to finally take a break from life. Havana’s an unusual place that is much talked about but little understood. I’m not sure I understand it either but I go into a little why Havana and Cuba are so misunderstood, as well as what my experience was. At the same time, there was a set of pretty particular circumstances that meant I came away with some newfound insight and approaches to it all. Yeaaaaah. Answers man.
Do it!

222-The Havana Show January 31, 2018. Coming to you from under the covers (for better sound) in Havana, Cuba, it’s a belated Monday Show! I’ve got some things on my mind and a secret mission to the centre of the heart and mind and connectedness. Just give it a listen, will ya?

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