Pressure to Specialize

It’s been a minute since I’ve posted anything here and if I’m honest, it’s because the show has taken a bit of a back seat to my personal and academic life. But at least I’m doing it. This week on the show, a familiar topic reappears: the pressures on creative types to specialize. As someone who has never been particularly good at anyone thing but interested in many, I strongly empathize with those that are told to focus on one thing. Not that I don’t see value in specialization, focus, or craft, but I think for a good number of folks, it’s hard for us to hone in one thing and leave all the other bright, shiny things in the dust. My experience has been that it’s only by marrying various interests I have (think recording, talking to people, brain work, etc) that I’ve been able to find anything I’d be comfortable calling a “specialization.”

The world needs people who can focus on things, to be sure. I want my cardiologist to be a specialist. They can have some hobbies but shit, when I go onto that table, I don’t want them to be talking about how they went fishing on the weekend, I want them to be declaring how fascinating the latest issue of Cuttin’ People Open was. Or something. But for the rest of us, the world contains multitudes, and so do we. And it’s okay to not have one thing. In fact, I think we’re better for it.

Kicking us off this week is my chat with multimedia jack-of-all-trades Asher Isbrucker, who talks about growing up in a small town of 60, finding interests and passions, and you guessed it: not being able to specialize. It’s a good talk and I’ll have some more for you on Thursday.

245-Asher Isbrücker-Film and Video jack-of-all-trades.  July 17, 2018

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