12654132_10156562346370327_7369483303680603399_nPeople Doing Things started in mid November of 2014, somewhat out of desperation. I was feeling uninspired and losing artistic focus. So I started coercing my friends to come over and talk about art, creativity, strangeness, and how to be a human being. I was looking to get outside of my own head and find connections with other humans and in doing so, have been able to share those conversations with you.

Now the show has grown to be a springboard and showcase for the world’s up-and-coming creative minds. We have frank and open conversations about about art, religion, sex, creativity, depression, elation, life transitions, feeling stuck/unstuck and everything in between. I’ve talked to doctors, writers, actors, counselors, jewelers, directors and people who aren’t quite sure what it is they’re doing. If somebody has a story, I usually want to hear it.

The podcast is available for free on iTunes and wherever you find fine podcasts.

When I’m not doing the show I write, talk, and eat.

Dig it.

Follow the show on Twitter: @thorntonosity

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