BeFunky Collage2

Hey, I get it, you’re a person doing a thing. Or maybe you represent someone who’s doing neat things in the world. Here’s some things you should know about how the show runs:

  • The show is conversational in nature, not an interview. It is meant to be like eavesdropping into an interesting chat and to preserve the integrity and spontaneity of the conversations I do not send out any questions prior to the show.
  • I’m happy to discuss before hand a theme or rough outline for the show. As long as the guest feels comfortable, I’m happy.
  • As a white colonial-settler living on unceded indigenous territory, I make every effort to prioritize and welcome indigenous, POC, femme, and queer voices to the podcast.
  • The show is typically an hour, so I ask guests for around 90 minutes of availability. I am happy to accommodate shorter or longer time frames at the guest’s request.
  • I want to promote your art and projects but the show is biographical in nature so be prepared to talk about yourself.
  • I don’t edit anything out unless I am asked to.
  • You can swear but you don’t have to.
  • The show is powered by recommendations. If you think someone would be a great guest, send them my way

If you want to be on the show, I suggest reaching out to me on social media. Email is archaic and I won’t see it as quickly. Send a message through the facebook page or tweet at me and I’ll get back to you much faster.